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HUMMINGBIRDS - Trochilidae

Ruby Topaz - Chrysolampis mosquitus / L.E. Urueña
Picture taken recently in Los Flamencos National Park in Guajira State (Northern of Colombia).

Note: I know that many people are waiting to see this amazing and beautiful bird; in my recent tour with Mr. Bill Porteous we are searching the enigmatic Tocuyo Sparrow when in a small bush with purple flowers close to the beach we saw this incredible bird; in the first time we saw Ruby Topaz perch in a small branch and we was very excited, but after we saw this hummingbird in the flowers many times with other males and females, the best thing was that this specie was a lifer for my clients and a unexpected specie.

Ruby Topaz - Chrysolampis mosquitus / L.E. Urueña
Picture taken in Flamencos National park also, but the idea is to show you the purple flowers in where he was eating. This specie is possible also in Paujil Natural Reserve.

Note: This very nice hummingbird is possible to see in other locations in Colombia, the most easy places definitely is el Cauca Location in Ocaña municipality, if you can visit this place don’t forget to search in small bushes with pink flowers, this is a special plant for this bird in this location; will be good if you can visit this place because other species very important possible to see there are Todd's Parakeet and Golden-winged Sparrow. In Paujil natural Reserve is possible also, but is very occasional, the best places is in the track called "Loma Patoco" close to the small lake at the right side of the path.

     Black Inca - Coeligena prunellei - Endemic / L.E. Urueña
Nice individual photographed in Cerulean Warbler Reserve in San Vicente de Chucuri, Santander. Digiscoping.

Black Inca - Coeligena prunellei / L.E. Urueña

Note: This endemic and endangered species was lost per many time, but now is very easy to see in some easy places of our country. If you want to see this hummingbird in feeders, you can visit Cerulean Warbler reserve, but if you want to see in natural flowers you need to visit Rogitama Natural Reserve in Arcabuco - Boyaca, in where Mr. Roberto Chavarro does a incredible work with a natural garden in where is possible also Short tailed Emerald and Lazuline Sabrewing.
Dusky Starfrontlet - Coeligena orina - CR - Endemic / L.E. Urueña

The incredible and enigmatic Stranfrontlet, photographed in Urrao municipality on the feeders.

Note: This incredible hummingbirds now is so easy to see in Starfrontlet Reserve in Urrao municipality, many and beautiful hummingbirds are possible there, for example Sword billed Hummingbirds, Tourmaline Sunangel and others. And one good data for you! Search on the trees close to the feeders the amazing Undulated Antpitta, sometimes is possible there. 

Sapphire bellied Hummingbird - Lepidopyga liliae - CR - Endemic / L.E. Urueña
Picture taken recently with my friend Bill Porteous in Salamanca National Park, close to Barranquilla city

Note: If you see the picture and want to see this bird, only you need to search the this tree of white flowers. We was very happy when saw and taken this picture, with Bill, don’t had many hopes to see this incredible and strange hummingbirds, but look this!!! is amazing birds, very endangered, very rare and only few peoples can see!!! This happen with you travel with MANAKIN NATURE TOURS

Indigo capped Hummingbird - Amazilia cyanifrons - Endemic / L.E. Urueña

Really nice! very easy to see but endemic specie, and this is great! You can see this very easy in Jardin Encantando location (Close to Bogota city) with other 15-20 more species of hummingbirds, is possible also in Cerulean Warbler Reserve and San Jorge Botanical garden in Ibague. very nice shot no?
Santa Marta Woodstar - Chaetocercus astreans - Endemic / L.E. Urueña

Amazing and beautiful hummingbird that is only possible to see in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, you will have an advantage if you wait on the feeders of El Dorado Lodge or to search in the flowers of the Puddleia sp. plant. Sometimes is possible to see males, but with very good luck. Is not necessary to say that Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is one of the endemic species hotspot of the planet, incredible place, you can visit with us!   

White tailed Starfrontlet - Coeligena phalerata - Endemic / L.E. Urueña

Another amazing bird and unique of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, very easy on the feeders or in the Bromelia's  flowers. Definitely distinct per your beautiful white tail and you amazing iridescent colors. 
Lazuline sabrewing - Campylopterus falcatus - / J.A. Borras

This is an picture taken per Johana Andrea Borras, a manager of MANAKIN NATURE TOURS in Rogitama Natural Reserve of Boyaca State, a very nice place in where is very easy to see this hummingbird in the natural flowers around the house. is possible also and recently is common in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, in where in sometimes is possible to see some females also.
Chestnut bellied Hummingbird - Amazilia castaneiventris -EN - Endemic / L.E. Urueña

Many years lost... but rediscovered as 5 - 6 years ago in the Magdalena Valley. Beautiful and uncommon hummingbirds that is really easy to see in some spots inside of Soata Village in Boyacá State. A hummingbird of the dry forest that prefer Mimosa plants or in this case red flowers inside the grass, maybe Malvaceae! Soata is a great places to see also other incredible species as Mountain Grackle (the best place knowed), Niceforo's Wren and Apical Flycatcher.
Buffy Hummingbird - Leucippus fallax -EN / L.E. Urueña

Nice individual of this strange and different hummingbirds that is possible to see in this dry area of our country: Flamencos National Park, I like so much the black eye, maybe a lifer for you and your birding group of friends!

Golden bellied Puffleg - Eriocnemis mosquera - L.E. Urueña

This definitely is a uncommon bird in Colombia, but if you visit the Andean Parrots Reserve in addition of this bird you can see the Fuerte's parrot, Andean Pygmy Owl, and other very nice and important birds. Don’t forget to search this birds above La Cascada Farm or to travel with MANAKIN NATURE TOURS, is more easy!

Mountain Velvetbreast - Lafresnaya lafresnayi / L.E. Urueña

Maybe this is not a lifer for you but the picture is very nice, I taken this picture in Urrao municipality in Starfrontlet Reserve in the feeders of natural flowers. Other species of hummingbirds are possible for example Tourmaline Sunangel and White bellied Woodstar.

Tourmaline Sunangel - Heliangelus exortis / L.E. Urueña

Common bird in the Central and Western Andes, very nice iridescent color on the throated, this pictures was taken in Starfrontlet Reserve in where is possible to see nice birds, see tanagers. 

Violet tailed Sylph (female) - Agloiocercus coelestis / L.E. Urueña

Many many hummingbirds are possible to see in Montezuma Rainforest Reserve, the female of this Sylph is not the exception, however, you can see the males close to Cajones area with other very important birds, endemics, almost endemics and birds with restricted distribution range.

Purple back Thronbill - Ramphomicron microrhynchus / L.E. Urueña

This incredible and very nice hummingbird is possible to see in many places of the Andes in Colombia, but sometimes is so difficult, you need to know where to search. This picture was taken in Rio Blanco Natural Reserve close to Manizales city, you can search this bird around the house in a small white flowers or in Chingaza National Park close to the main entrance of the park. Other locations include Monterredondo Area, the famous place for Cundinamarca Antpitta and Soata moorland (paramo).

ANTPITTAS - Grallaridae

Tawny Antpitta - Grallaria quitensis / L.E. Urueña
A picture taken in Nevado del Ruiz National Park in a tour of MANAKIN NATURE TOURS and VENT.

Note: If you are a birdwatcher and want to see this bird easyly, you need to drive at the entrance of the National Park from Manizales city and to search this close of the main door, early in the morningbetween 6-9 AM is very easy! Good luck with this.
Chestnut naped Antpitta - Grallatria nuchalis / L.E. Urueña
Picture taken in the incredible and famous Antpitta's feeders of Rio Blanco Natural Reserve in Manizales city.

Note: many species are possible in this feeders, you definitely need to visit this places, if you ask per Albeiro the forest ranger, maybe can see all the species of Antpitta's in this reserve, but if you want to see all the important birds, write us. A good news, Bicolor Antpitta is coming now at the feeders, this is so good!!!
Chestnut crowned Antpitta - Grallaria ruficapilla / L.E. Urueña
Another special bird that is possible in the feeders of Rio Blanco natural Reserve, maybe the most easy Antpitta with Brown banded

Note: very common in Colombia in many places, but definitely the places in where is most easy to see is in Rio Blanco, a very nice Antpitta and very aggressive with other species, perfect to take pictures but you need to have a good flash in your camera if you want to obtain a good pictures, sometimes can be very dark inside the feeders.
Brown banded Antpitta - Grallaria milleri - Endemic / L.E. Urueña
This Antpitta looks as if she don’t want that the people see her, but is a lie, this endemic specie is very common in Rio Blanco Natural Reserve and very friendly with the birdwatcher that want to see her.

Note: Dont miss the time searching this bird in other locations is very easy in Rio Blanco, better that in other locations, however is possible to see also in some spots on Nevado del Tolima National Park and Genova municipality.

Urrao Antpitta - Grallaria urraoensis - CR - Endemic / L.E. Urueña

Nice picture taken in the feeders of Starfrontlet Reserve in Urrao municipality of Antioquia.

Note: Many discussions appear in base at the description of this NEW SPECIE, however is fantastic to know that is so easy to see this antpitta in this reserve. Unfortunately for the moment is possible to see Urrao Antpitta only in this reserve, but is fine because you can see another very important birds as Dusky Strafrontlet and Chestnut bellied Flowerpiercer. Many times the accommodation in Stranfrontlet Reserve is very limited, however is not necessary to stay in the house of the reserve, many times we use a very nice and comfortable local hotel in Urrao village (Cacique Tone Hotel) and use horses per an easy trail to see this birds in one day! We can plan a good travel and easy for you.



Fuerte's Parrot - Haplopsittaca fuertesi - CR - Endemic - L.E. Urueña


We want to show you all our work taking pictures in our tours with MANAKIN NATURE TOURS, you will find many pictures of different birds and we will separate this per taxonomical family. If you have some comment of some question about where to see the birds or if you want to do a tour with us, please write us to, we hope that you like the pictures and our birds. In some moment we will publish some pictures about our trips with our clients, the experience and the report of our adventures.