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ANTPITTAS - Grallaridae

Tawny Antpitta - Grallaria quitensis / L.E. Urueña
A picture taken in Nevado del Ruiz National Park in a tour of MANAKIN NATURE TOURS and VENT.

Note: If you are a birdwatcher and want to see this bird easyly, you need to drive at the entrance of the National Park from Manizales city and to search this close of the main door, early in the morningbetween 6-9 AM is very easy! Good luck with this.
Chestnut naped Antpitta - Grallatria nuchalis / L.E. Urueña
Picture taken in the incredible and famous Antpitta's feeders of Rio Blanco Natural Reserve in Manizales city.

Note: many species are possible in this feeders, you definitely need to visit this places, if you ask per Albeiro the forest ranger, maybe can see all the species of Antpitta's in this reserve, but if you want to see all the important birds, write us. A good news, Bicolor Antpitta is coming now at the feeders, this is so good!!!
Chestnut crowned Antpitta - Grallaria ruficapilla / L.E. Urueña
Another special bird that is possible in the feeders of Rio Blanco natural Reserve, maybe the most easy Antpitta with Brown banded

Note: very common in Colombia in many places, but definitely the places in where is most easy to see is in Rio Blanco, a very nice Antpitta and very aggressive with other species, perfect to take pictures but you need to have a good flash in your camera if you want to obtain a good pictures, sometimes can be very dark inside the feeders.
Brown banded Antpitta - Grallaria milleri - Endemic / L.E. Urueña
This Antpitta looks as if she don’t want that the people see her, but is a lie, this endemic specie is very common in Rio Blanco Natural Reserve and very friendly with the birdwatcher that want to see her.

Note: Dont miss the time searching this bird in other locations is very easy in Rio Blanco, better that in other locations, however is possible to see also in some spots on Nevado del Tolima National Park and Genova municipality.

Urrao Antpitta - Grallaria urraoensis - CR - Endemic / L.E. Urueña

Nice picture taken in the feeders of Starfrontlet Reserve in Urrao municipality of Antioquia.

Note: Many discussions appear in base at the description of this NEW SPECIE, however is fantastic to know that is so easy to see this antpitta in this reserve. Unfortunately for the moment is possible to see Urrao Antpitta only in this reserve, but is fine because you can see another very important birds as Dusky Strafrontlet and Chestnut bellied Flowerpiercer. Many times the accommodation in Stranfrontlet Reserve is very limited, however is not necessary to stay in the house of the reserve, many times we use a very nice and comfortable local hotel in Urrao village (Cacique Tone Hotel) and use horses per an easy trail to see this birds in one day! We can plan a good travel and easy for you.

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